Mr. Abdo Alwrafi
  The Company founder   
   Mr. Abdu Qaid Alwrafi
May Allah rest him in peace
        رحمة الله عليه  

He was born in 1939 in a small village north Yemen. He was the oldest of seven children. He started working  when he was 9 years old to support his poor family. He worked very hard traveling  around towns tens of miles waking carrying his merchandise on his back, till he was 17 at the time no transportation were available. In 1960 he had his first store in a small town about 35 km from Taiz. He used to bring all merchandise from Aden city in the south while it was occupied by the British kingdom. In the age of 28 he moved to Taiz city in 1968, and he started
distributing only medicine & cosmetics. In 1976 he be come an agent to Meser Co.for Pharmaceutical Product and all other companies fallowed.

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